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17 August 2020

We present another brochure for households that want to generate the necessary energy and save on payments. This time - about solar collectors. Their advantage is the use of renewable solar energy both for hot water supply and to support the heating system. We thank the partners from Austria and Italy for the joint development of a brochure within the framework of the EU Twinning Project "Development of Renewable Energy in Ukraine". In the brochure everyone will learn about: ? types and advantages of solar collectors; ? installation procedure; ? approximate calculations of costs and savings when using solar collectors.…

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14 August 2020

Bioenergy gives us opportunities to reduce gas use, reduce its imports and save money. There are enough resources for this: more than 9 billion m3 of gas can be replaced from agricultural waste alone, ~ 20 billion m3 of gas can be replaced by energy crops. So, for all those who plan to switch to alternative heating, we recommend that you look at the brochure and learn about: ? advantages of different types of solid fuel boilers; ? approximate calculations of costs and savings in the case of biomass heating; ? boiler installation procedure. Brochure at the link:

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13 August 2020

From now on, for the first time (❗️) in Ukraine, Law №738-IX introduces green bonds as a separate class of securities and establishes “rules of the game” for participants in this market. This is another tool that will allow different categories of issuers, including municipalities, to attract funds for large-scale eco-projects in Ukraine: for example, energy efficiency, thermal modernization of budget institutions, waste management, alternative energy, electric transport, etc. Mechanisms for stimulating the issuance of green bonds by various issuers are being worked out and the possibilities of launching pilot projects, in particular, by municipalities, are being analyzed.

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03 August 2020

Based on the results of the provided information, another rating of institutional capacity and sustainable development of small and medium-sized communities of Ukraine was formed. This year we publish the rating of the best 200 communities of Ukraine as of 01.07.2020 [see Link]. The information was analyzed according to the provided questionnaires, and in their absence - from open sources. Marking "yes" in the questionnaire without an Internet link, as confirmation of the information, was considered as "no". Information about the financial condition of the community was analyzed from the portal 1540 communities are estimated. The average rating in…

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14 July 2020

In order to increase energy efficiency in budgetary institutions, residential buildings, public transport and utilities in Boyarka and in accordance with the decision of the session of the Boyarka City Council to join the European initiative "Covenant of Mayors", a working group met on July 13 in the session hall. The working group got acquainted with the draft Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development of the city of Boyarka for the period up to 2030, prepared by Baucraft. Ruslan Sсherbakov, President of the RCERBS Found, presented the Action Plan. Representatives of the city's deputy corps and heads of utilities discussed…

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