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26 October 2019

The Poltava Regional Council submitted a project to the “All-Ukrainian Public Budget” for the installation in the cities of Poltava region 16 automatic machines for collecting plastic bottles with the issuance of rewards and 32 containers for collecting hazardous waste. A new large-scale project “All-Ukrainian Public Budget” started in Ukraine this year. It is an innovative program, the essence of which is the allocation of public funds to improve the standard of living of citizens from different parts of the country. The State Budget has already allocated an amount of 500 million UAH, which will be distributed according to the…

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25 October 2019

Yesterday at the homeland of the renowned world cinema master Alexander Dovzhenko in Sosnytsia, Chernihiv region, the presentation of the Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Action Plan until 2030 was presented. Andrii Portnyi, the head of the community presented to the working group the Plan, which was prepared within the framework of the project "Organization of cooperation of small cities of Ukraine, civil society and expert environment in energy issues", with the support of the RcErBs Foundation. The Working Group also discussed with the representatives of the Fund possible options for further cooperation.

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23 October 2019

Ukraine is the poorest country, the poorest in Europe (along with Moldova), poorer than many Latin American and African countries, which were far poorer than us 30 years ago. Poverty growth requires at least 7% annual growth over at least 20 years. For economic growth, financial resources are needed - at least 27-35% of GDP is investment. The main source of investment - domestic savings, foreign investment can not be a significant proportion of the required investment. We do not have enough internal savings because we are a poor country.

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21 October 2019

On October 19, 2019, the first open meeting of the Working Group on Management of the Project “Reconstruction of Water Supply and Drainage Networks in Boyarka with Improved Energy Efficiency” was held in the session hall of the Boyar City Council. The meeting was attended and wished the successful implementation of the Project by all present Boyar Mayor Alexander Zarubin.  Conducted a meeting and gave a presentation on the procedure for implementation of municipal projects with the technical and financial support of MFO Project Coordinator Sergey Lyovkin, Head of EA Alternative, expert of the Regional Center for Economic Research and…

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17 October 2019

We congratulate the communities, Dunaevtsi, Knyagininiv, Kochubeyiv, Pokrov UTC and Shostka, participating in the project "Organization of cooperation of small cities of Ukraine, civil society and expert environment in energy issues", with the acceptance of SECAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plans and Plans) 2030) in Brussels. We wish success in the implementation of the planned activities. As part of the project, we are ready to get involved at any stage in the implementation of your ideas for sustainable development. Currently, Ukraine has 47 accepted SECAP 2030s, of which 14 have been prepared through our project.

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