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19 April 2019

Received the Plan of Sustainable Energy Development and Climate by 2030 one of the smallest communities in the Kherson region - Kochubeyivska OTG. I am delighted that very small rural communities clearly understand the need for a strategic approach to their future. We wish the Chairman of the community, Mr. Ivan Dudar and his team, to realize everything that is conceived!

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17 April 2019

Meeting of the SECAP Working Group on Pokrovskaya OTG in Dnipropetrovsk took place on April 17. In the process of decentralization there is an increase in both the community itself and the foundation of municipal buildings that need modernization and reconstruction. One of the priority measures of the SECAP (Sustainable Energy Development Plan and Climate Action Plan) is the thermo-modernization of these facilities. The village chairman, Mrs. Svetlana Spazheva, expressed her confidence in working closely with experts from the RCERBS Foundation to help Pokrovskaya OTG as a participant in the project "Organization of cooperation between small towns of Ukraine, civil…

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16 April 2019

The official delegation of the RCERBS Foundation paid a working visit to one of the most active communities, participants of the project "Organization of cooperation of small towns of Ukraine, civil society and expert environment on energy security" Kreminna, which is located in Luhansk region. The mayor, Yuriy Prokopenko, presented the guests of the city with recent community acquisitions and implemented projects by the municipality team. Due to the team and cooperation with CSOs a considerable amount of extrabudgetary funds has been introduced to the city over the past several years.

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13 April 2019

The SECAP (Sustainable Energy Development Plan and Climate Action Plan) Presentations has been picked up by the Rivne region. April 11, City Hall, Mrs. Svetlana Usik, together with the president of the RCERBS Foundation Ruslan Shcherbakov, presented a Plan of Action to 2030 for the working group, mass media, CSO representatives and deputy corps. A key aspect of the discussion was the issue of attracting resources for the implementation of the planned activities. Sustainable development projects already implemented by the municipality can be an example for other communities. Particularly noteworthy are the projects for the improvement of the city and…

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12 April 2019

A working visit of the delegation of representatives of local authorities and municipal services of the city of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky was held to familiarize with Lubny's experience in modernizing the municipal street lighting network on the basis of LED technology and the introduction of a citywide street lighting control system. The delegation of guests headed by the Secretary of the Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky City Council Mr P.P. Bocharin and Deputy Mayor of the City Mayor N.M. Ustich included a number of deputies of the city council, the head of the department of economy of the city executive committee, the city energy manager, the…

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