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18 April 2020

The company has announced the launch of a number of initiatives aimed at improving the protection and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems worldwide. One of the projects in the program was the so-called "Planetary Computer". Planetary Computer is an open source artificial intelligence platform based on Microsoft Azure cloud service. The platform is designed to track the state of the Earth, and the information obtained will allow you to monitor changes in the ecosystem.

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03 April 2020

Do you want to support your Biosphere Reserve in Practicing Climate Change? Starting March 1, all interested residents of Ukrainian biosphere reserves Roztochya, Shatsky and Desnyanskiy are invited to participate in a competition for ideas on climate change adaptation. They are looking for creative suggestions on how to overcome the effects of climate change through natural ecosystems. Guided by the ecosystem adaptation approach, projects should aim at restoring and improving ecological functions in already degraded or substantially altered ecosystems so that they can provide their regulatory services.

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31 March 2020

I ask you to consider promoting your EU-funded energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Yes, the EU has announced a competition for the EU Sustainable Energy Award in the Eastern Partnership 2020 countries. Six winners will have the opportunity to pay a working visit to Brussels and three of them will receive prizes (first place is a professional video!) Reference to the terms of the competition: # EU4Energy # EUSEW20 Reference to the guide:

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18 March 2020

Answer: The evaluation criteria have been published. You can see them in previous posts. The rating is designed to allow community representatives, authorities, business, community activists to determine the development of the local society, the level and quality of self-government, the investment attractiveness of the territory. Communities should compete with each other, create attractive territories and be interested in collaboration. We are not true in the last resort. We, as a research organization, try to be as objective as possible. We have no favorites. Most community leaders who are leaders of the rating are unfamiliar with us. We are open…

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17 March 2020

Part of the criteria is calculated using certain formulas for calculating the estimate. First of all, it is the financial indicators of the budget that are of particular importance, that is, they are calculated by the population of the community, which equals the capacity of smaller and larger communities. But most of the criteria are sustainable. Their values ​​may change according to the impact of an indicator on the situation in the community. For example: If the placement of certain alternative energy sources plays an important role in the overall indicator today, in six months they may no longer play…

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