Writing Sustainable Energy Plans and Climate Plans

Action plan for sustainable energy development and climate is a complex strategic projects in all fields and industries of work. taking into account the possible sources and mechanisms of funding and their impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions, mitigating the effects of climate change and adaptation by 2030.

The purpose of developing the action Plan for sustainable energy development and climate – the beginning of a systematic approach to the management of energy resources of a community focused on sustainable energy development through:

calculation of the energy potential of companies in the consumption and production of fluids for the performed energy audits and developed municipal energy information system, which is used as a reference model for the introduction of program-oriented indicators;
selection of efficient energy projects, with the possibility of attracting credit funds and private investors;
the combination of organisational and regulatory measures for the establishment of an energy management system at the community level;
the involvement of mechanisms of public-private partnerships for the implementation of projects.
The action plan is not a rigid document. With changing circumstances and emerging results and experience in the implementation of energy efficiency measures, it is subject to change.