All-Ukrainian rating of institutional capacity and sustainable energy development of communities

Department of ecology of the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" together with the Fund "Regional Center оf Economic Research and Business Support" has developed the tool of analysis of the current state of small communities - "the Questionnaire of the current state of the community".

Development and effective implementation of energy efficiency policies requires the availability of high-quality, timely, comparable and detailed data that go well beyond energy balance and reflect the distinctive characteristics of economic activities and resources, which are available in small communities of Ukraine. The lack of data to develop appropriate indicators that can adequately assess the energy efficiency, often prevents communities to turn the Declaration into action. In addition, without such data and indicators it is difficult to optimize policy effectiveness and track progress and failures in the field.

The rating of institutional capacity and sustainable energy development takes into account the 17 criteria and indicators reflects the investment attractiveness of the communities.

The rankings takes into account activity data are 1085 communities from all regions of Ukraine.